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xmOverlayCG System

International Roll-Call® Corporation has many years of experience interfacing with a wide variety of Video Character Generator systems. Video character generator systems are used to place text and graphics over a live or recorded video feed. Such character generator systems are very useful for Legislative Chamber video broadcasts by enabling the Legislature to add the bill number, bill sponsor, name of Member speaking, vote totals, or other data to the Chamber video. The detailed legislative information overlaid on the video allows for the final product to become significantly more informational to the those watching whether it be members, staff, or the general public.

Experience has shown us that most Video Character Generation systems carry an extremely expensive "price-tag" and are often overly complicated for the defined needs of State Legislatures. With this knowledge coupled with our commitment to serving State Legislatures and the legislative process, IRC has devoted time and resources to develop a proprietary Character Generator system: the xmOverlayCG.

The xmOverlay Software is designed specifically for the Legislature to perform a certain task and to do so with the utmost efficiency. The customizable software provides the user with the ability to design chamber specific graphic templates to include legislation information on the video feed. Engineered to be fully compatible with Windows 10 as well as future Windows OS updates, the xmOverlayCG receives and transmits SD-SDI NTSC video, which is a widely used broadcasting video graphic standard.

The xmOverlayCG is a complete hardware/software package, consisting of a PC with a video card running IRC’s xmOverlay software. The xmOverlayCG is designed to integrate seamlessly with IRC’s xmLegislator™ Voting Software and is uniquely equipped to interface with and extract the desired legislative data from the voting software in a focused and expedient manner that no third-party Character Generator package can offer.

With xmOverlay as part of the suite of IRC voting applications, every State Legislature can be fully confident that the technology being utilized will, without a doubt, provide for their current and future legislative video technology needs.