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Our Team

Proven and reliable history developing and installing voting and legislative management systems

The IRC staff is comprised of legislative process and technology professionals that share an appreciation of state legislature functions to create and support superior legislative technology products. IRC knows the value of legislative staff experience and has actively employed such staff.

Bill Schaeffer President
Tyler Schaeffer Vice President
David Ward Jr. Client Relations and Operation Support
Ryan Babcock Product Manager, Voting Solutions
Diane Bell Client Relations and Legislative Liaison
Joe Erhardt Senior Software Engineer
Robert Feidt Director of Voting Solutions
Jeff Finch Director of Client Relations and Legislative Process Consultant
Chris Hayes Software Engineer
Bryan Hogan Director of Legislative Management Solutions
Rita Barlow Product Manager, Legislative Management Solutions
Howard Jorenby Senior Hardware Engineer
Igor Milchman Senior Software Engineer
Richard Physioc Senior Product Specialist
Mary Passaris Office Manager
Dan Sanderson Senior Software Engineer
Alex Schaeffer Product Specialist

Experienced Staff

IRC's success is derived from the company's understanding and appreciation of the intricacies and desired efficiencies of the legislative process. IRC understands the legislative process from drafting to enactment and all the associated complex rules and procedures encountered in a political legislative environment. IRC realizes the importance of the legislative timetable and that any delay is detrimental to the overall operation.

Presently, IRC has two former Clerks, which includes the President of IRC, and a former Deputy Clerk on staff, and collectively the company has the benefit of almost a century of direct legislative process knowledge and experience. These legislative assets are applied to each project and facilitate the development of correct technological solutions that account for any chamber's unique legislative procedure. Further, this foundation of legislative knowledge assures all legislative staff that their respective work products will be accurately represented for implementation in a digital environment.

This collective knowledge of the legislative process allows these individuals to speak the legislative language, and understand the processes and complexities unique to a legislature and to pass this understanding to the IT and Software Development team.

The IRC team brings over 100 years of legislative process and technology innovation experience to every system!

Our History