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What's News? - October 2013


It certainly has been a busy summer for us at International Roll-Call. We have provided a number of equipment and software upgrades to many of our customers over the last few months!

These include:

•    Provided the Mississippi House with a system rack hardware and computers upgrade, including new display controller
•    Installed new system control, voting buttons and .NET Voting Software in the Missouri House
•    Installed new full-color LED displays in the New York State Assembly
•    New full-color LED displays were installed in both the Rhode Island House and Senate
•    Removed the old daisy-chain system and installed new system control hardware in the Michigan House and Senate as well as provided them with the.NET Voting Software for preliminary testing
•    Upgraded the Indiana Senate’s chamber display to high-res 4mm full-color LED display
•    Provided the Gila River Indian Community with a software upgrade to our .NET Voting Software

As busy as the summer was, our fall and winter schedule looks to be just as interesting as we will be providing products and services to our friends in the Arkansas House and Senate, Florida House and Senate, the New Hampshire House and the Mississippi Senate.

Please browse the site for a look at the products we offer that may help streamline your legislative process. If interested, give us a call and get on our schedule for 2014!


IRC is in the process of wrapping up the installation of new displays in the Assembly in Albany, New York. It was a massive undertaking, outfitting the beautiful chamber with a total of 24 sections to make the 10 new displays a bright and shining reality. These boards are 6mm full-color LED displays and they will enhance the display capabilities of the Assembly as it goes about the very important business of governing in the state.


The 6mm LED displays, while not high-resolution, can still be used very effectively for photos and videos. The broad range of fonts and sizes and layout options for displaying text also make these displays an indispensable tool that will be utilized by the Assembly in their forthcoming session year.

We hope the great folks in Albany will be as happy and proud of their new displays as we are and all of us at IRC are thankful to have the opportunity to provide another one of our customers with state-of-the-art solutions for their legislative environment.


 In the great state of Oklahoma, the Senate has taken the plunge and become the first of IRC’s customers to install the high resolution 4mm full-color LED displays in their chamber. These displays will allow them greater flexibility and visibility for showing photographs and video while also empowering them with a robust choice of fonts, colors and sizes that may be used on the displays.

IRC technicians worked with Senate staff to custom design a number of sequences that the new displays will allow them to use, including bringing up a sponsor’s photograph when that person’s bill is being discussed or voted on.

Senate Seal(1).jpg

The displays look stellar and the Senate couldn’t be happier with this high-tech addition to the chamber. With the pronounced longevity of the LED technology, the Senate looks forward to using them for a very long time to come.


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