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We Have a New Look!

Longtime users of our VB6 voting software would probably tell you that--while the application is highly configurable--to be honest, the user interface looks a bit outdated. (Okay, maybe more than a bit!) And even though the VB6 software has a strong foundation and includes a multitude of functions, the main screen is not easily customized without significant and far-reaching code changes.

One of the many features that sets IRC’s xmLegislator .Net Voting software apart from our VB6 software is the Design Mode layout editor. The VB6 software features a main screen that allows the user to add and configure buttons that access specific functions but does not provide the ability to alter the placement of these functions to suit the user.


In the .Net software, the user need only access the Design Mode layout editor, which allows them to make changes to the user screens whether those changes are simple or a sweeping rearrangement of multiple screen elements and button functions.

As an example, imagine a system where both the Operator and the Clerk/Secretary have control over the voting software. The Operator may have a need to access a wider range of functions than the Clerk/Secretary who may just want to, as needed, open and close the vote. The Clerk/Secretary may also want an on-screen live totals display along with the item list of bills in the current calendar.

Before, having such a set up would have required complex, custom code changes by IRC developers. Now, with .Net that power has been placed into the hands of the end user. The number of screen elements that can be customized are too many to list here but some of them are:


  • Vote State
  • Vote Majorities
  • Request to Speak Elements
  • Vote Controls
  • Popup Desk Layouts
  • Chair Controls
  • Vote Report Functions
  • Multiple Display Board Windows
  • Columns & Windows
  • Design Templates
  • Member Icons w/ Photos
  • Button size and appearance fully customizable
  • Membership Controls
  • Customizable Hot Keys
  • One-click switching between software positions such as Vote Operator to Sound Operator to Request to Speak
  • Venus Display and Video Control Access
  • Calendar
  • And much, much more!


The layout editor features an intuitive interface that makes it relatively simple to make changes to the layouts. For those who need a certain level of comfort after making the transition from VB6 to .Net, a user can even layout their screen and functions to match exactly that of the old VB6 software. What all of this means is that, while the core of the .Net software functions the same across the board, one user’s voting program can now look totally different than another customer in the same staff position.  NO MORE ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!!

Sample Photos: For a more extensive look at some of the layouts created for our customers, please visit IRC’s Smugmug photos page HERE and imagine what freedom and flexibility our xmLegislator.Net software could bring to your system!

This level of customization can come in handy for staff positions with several users. It can be particularly useful in committee systems, where multiple committees mean having multiple chairpersons and/or operators, and each one has their own idea of how their screen should be set up to work best for them.

The Design Mode layout editor is just one way that the .Net voting software gives the end user the tools of customization, putting you in the driver’s seat so that you can be actively involved in having the system work best for you and the way you conduct your legislative business.

To find out more about the capabilities of the Design Mode layout editor and the xmLegislator .Net system as a whole, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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