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There are four keys to consider when looking at International Roll-Call®: Our Business, Our Staff, Our Software and Our Success.

Our Business

  • International Roll-Call® Corporation (IRC) has over 75 years of Legislative experience.
  • IRC has developed a unique and proud business tradition in the development of Legislative Management and Voting Systems. 
  • IRC is a solid organization with a commitment to supporting Legislative customers now and in the future.
  • We are the most comprehensive, one stop, organization in the world providing complete voting and legislative management systems to all levels of government.
  • Legislative Management System and/or Voting System applications are currently installed in a number of local governments, 76 of the 99 State Legislatures, as well as in the U.S. House of Representatives, national parliaments, and the United Nations.
  • IRC is constantly finding ways to improve our products and find solutions to the numerous requests we receive from local, state and national governments.
  • Legislative service and support is our only business.

Our Staff

  • International Roll-Call has two former Clerks who are key team members with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the pressures, procedures and activities associated with the Legislative session.  
  • Familiarity with the Legislative business affords IRC the ability to quickly assimilate state specific Legislative processes. 
  • Our knowledge of Legislative terminology facilitates the compilation of data flows within the overall process. 
  • We know what questions to ask and to whom we should address those questions.
  • We hold the ability to comprehend the answers to those questions and to delve further into detailed subject matter to ensure a complete understanding which directly translates into a comprehensive solution with our products, designed to efficiently satisfy all Legislative requirements.
  • IRC employees have extensive people skills enabling them to adjust to the many personalities encountered within each Legislature. 
  • Our comprehension of the political process only enhances further our skills to work closely with all levels of the Legislative process.

Our Software

  • IRC prides itself on providing distinctive solutions for our Legislative customers.
  • IRC has developed a core suite of products which is customizable to best adapt to local, state and national Legislative requirements.
  • This core of our new line of .net products is xmLegislator which consists of a complete suite of modules that provides a front-office to back-office solution. 
  • We provide set up modules for this core which includes an extensive set of configuration screens. 
  • Individual Modules include: Actions; Amending/Engrossing; Amendment Tracking System; Bill Committee Assign; Bill/Resolution Drafting System; Bill/Resolution Inquiry; Bill/Resolution Maintenance; Build Amendments; Build Messages; Calendar; Chamber Automation; Committee Support; Conferencing System with voting, microphone and speaker;, Configuration;, Enrolling; External viewing screen; Journal; Media Control System; Member Request To Speak; Member Summoning Control System; Microphone Control System; NTSC Video Interface; Page Control System; Presiding Officer’s Station; Reports; Script Assistant; Session; Video Tagging; Voting Operator’s Station; Voting Report Writer; Voting System Remote Access; Voting System Remote Viewing; Wireless Voting Conferencing System with microphone and speaker; and Voice Voting
  • Modular compartmentalization allows us to incorporate some of these pieces, with additional modules being added at a later date.
  • The software uses standard development language and non-proprietary standard databases (SQL and Oracle) which allows for open access and the sharing of data.
  • Consistent user interfaces provide session support staff the ability to learn the various applications with reduced training time.
  • xmLegislator eliminates redundant data. Data is entered only once and shared throughout the system via a centralized database.
  • Under the IRC applications are all tightly integrated to support real time data exchange with existing state systems.

Our Success

  • There have been at least half a dozen large corporations which have attempted and subsequently failed to provide Voting and Legislative Management Systems to various Legislatures.   These failures have severely hurt the credibility of the Legislative software development industry.  International Roll-Call® has proven itself numerous times during the last seventy plus years by understanding the specific needs of individual Legislatures, and has never failed to deliver a promised Voting or Legislative Management System.
  • Every Voting System and Legislative Management System contract we have been awarded, throughout the company’s history, has resulted in a successful implementation. 
  • International Roll-Call®’s successes have resulted in customer loyalty.  Many of our existing 100 plus customers have been with us beyond thirty years.

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